More Power To You.

Your brand is multifaceted. Your marketing should be, too!

AMF Creative goes way beyond standard creative agency fare. Our team becomes part of your team, learning every intricacy and idiosyncrasy of your company – the particularities and peculiarities, must-haves and absolutely-nots, loves, likes, and leave-its – to design a tailored, fully integrated branding and marketing solution that will set you apart from everyone else.

Armed with a strong business background and creative approach, we assess and address every angle, from the business end to the creative end, ensuring that our thoughtful strategies affect your brand where you need it most. We’re not just about the logo, the brochure, the website – we’re driven to build your brand from the bottom up and the inside out.

Aaron Friedman


Gary Hackerman

Director of Operations

Shira Pepper

Director of Graphic Design

Merav Levine

Content Creator
Digital Marketing Strategist

Allison Rouse

Graphic Designer

Megan Kaplon

Graphic Designer