Need a Brand-Aid?

The branding process goes way beyond coming up with an eye-catching logo or clever tagline; we build enduring brands from the bottom up and the inside out.

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Our 4- Part Branding Approach:

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The stage-setting phase is inarguably the most important. It’s when we delve deep into your business and your goals, adopting your “why,” your mission, your voice, to chart the most effective course to success.

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Logo Design

Once we’ve thoroughly familiarized ourselves with every detail of your company, we design a logo that encapsulates everything you want your customers to know. The best logos provide instant brand recognition and look-at-me attention, and that’s exactly what ours do.

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Now that your business identity is conceptualized into a singular impactful image, we work to determine what you’ll need to succeed. From long-running ads to one-time campaigns, from websites to brochures to flyers, we’re with you all the way.

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When it’s launch time for your brand-new brand, we’re there to help you debut it – and keep the momentum going for years to come. You’ll never have to puzzle over “now what?” thanks to our forward-thinking implementation approach.

About AMF Creative Baltimore’s top Branding Agency

AMF Creative is a Baltimore branding agency with decades of well-honed experience in marketing and design. Our team builds better brands from the bottom up and the inside out, utilizing a targeted approach of strategic logo and brand design to establish powerful, memorable brands.

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