Putting the fun in fundraising

Technology has made it easier than ever to set up a campaign, but it’s also resulted in a consistent stream of lookalike campaigns. We integrate ourselves into your cause and strategize wisely to create campaigns that stand out from thousands of others.

Kesser Torah adorning the crown brochure cover design


It’s impossible to create a meaningful campaign without relating to the cause, so that’s our first step: genuinely identifying and appreciating your goals, your audience, and your nature. Once we’ve become one with your ambition, we start planning an impactful and compelling campaign.

kesser torah adorning the crown brochure spread


Next, we flesh out the details. During this phase, we develop the campaign theme, concentrating on its tactics, tone, mood, verbiage, and implementation factors, designing a campaign that looks different, feels different, and acts different for maximum effect.

Kesser Torah adorning the crown brochure spread


Here’s where all that planning takes shape and comes alive. At this stage, we design the primary graphics and materials to reach your audience and effectively convey your message from every angle.

Kesser Torah Adorning the Crown campaign Social Media post


Finally, we launch your campaign with confidence and conviction in your cause. At this point, the planning shifts from theoretical to tangible with all of the relevant collateral – brochures, flyers, lawn signs, banners, dinner materials – to inspire a successful campaign.